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Welcome to Biswas Records
Biswas Records specializes in producing top quality digitally recorded and mastered Bengali CDs and Classical Indian Music CDs. We have a wide collection of compact discs to  suit every taste. The quality of music CDs provided by the conventional recording companies of India was not significantly better than audio tape media because the recording was still done on analog devices and only transferred into a digital media at the final stage. We decided to change the whole picture by providing digitally recorded and mastered music right from the beginning.
           Biswas Records was set up to provide the Bengali and Indian community with high quality digitally recorded music. We are now the second largest producer of Bengali CDs in the world and have a big collection of high-quality CDs to suit a variety of musical choices.

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150th Anniversary - Treasurehouse of Tagore Songs ( 10 CDs) 150th Birth Anniversary Commemorative Album. A collection of 10 CDs.
150th Anniversary - Treasurehouse of Tagore Songs ( 10 CDs) Pack of 3 CDs of selected Tagore songs commemorating 100 years of Gitanjali
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